TTools - Maya tools for the Professional

  • TTools is a collection of scripts for Maya that are utilized by professional artists across the Game, Film, Automotive, and Industrial Design industries.
  • These tools have been used in production for almost two decades on some of the largest entertainment franchises in the world.

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Here are just a few of the features:

  • Attach objects while maintaining original rotation, hierarchy, pivot point, translation, etc.
  • Detach and clone faces off huge objects at lighting speed and with rock solid consistency.
  • Extract/Detach/Explode faces into new objects from your edge selection! (E.g. Detach a character arm from a shoulder edge loop!)
  • Robust object replacing and instancing.
  • Complex renaming capabilities.
  • Auto unwrap using hard edges to define border seams
  • Vertex coloring and alpha manipulation
  • Automatic lightmap UV generation
  • Restore translation information back to objects that have been frozen.
  • Seamless spheres
  • Reliable and lighting fast mirroring
  • Advanced vertex snapping, collapsing and merging
  • Auto smoothing by texture borders
  • Fade vertex alpha using soft selection falloff
  • Robust vertex color manipulation
  • and more..

  Customer reviews:

  • "When I was at DD I discovered DUPExtract and it became an indispensable tool. Each place I have worked at I used it extensively...I recently found this suite of tools, and I immediately made the purchase without hesitation. This suite of tools is way more valuable than the price you pay for it!"
    • Randy Sharp, Digital Film Artist

  • "I've been using TTools for years and will continue to do so. So many of them are great time savers. I don't think my workflow would be as fast without these tools. If I didn't have DUPExtract, AttachMaster, or MirrorPivot I would be lost in the woods. Stop reading this and get them, GO!"
    • Matt Olson, Professional Game Developer

  • "Everyone in the CG industry keeps an eye open for those tools, big or small, that make our lives a little easier. TTools is one of those products. A very nice and diverse set of tools that fills the gaps left by the main application. And if that isn't enough, customer and product support are first class. I almost never follow up on these surveys, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to plug what I think is a great product from a committed developer."
    • Mike Tinderington, The Core Group

  • "TTools allows me to focus much more effort on the creation process.  It provides an organized avenue to ease the complexity of any task, and over the years has become a cornerstone of my modeling pipeline.  Easily said, Maya without this shelf is a Maya I don't want to work in."
    • Justin S., Professional Game Developer 


 TTools© Installation

  1. Close Maya.
  2. Run TTools_(version).exe
  3. At the prompt, enter the serial number provided with your download.
  4. Navigate to your maya directory. E.g. MyDocuments/maya
  5. Install.
  6. Start Maya
  7. You will now have a TTools shelf.
  8. Show Maya who wears the pants in this relationship.

 TTools© Uninstall

  1. Run TTools_(version)_Uninstall.exe
  2. :: or ::
  3. From the Windows Control Panel
  4. Uninstall Program

Release Notes

    Python2.7 / 3.7 Cross compatibility

    Maya 2022 compatibility

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